Lifestyle Philippines at Ambiente | 10-14 FEB 2017 | Hall 10.2 - Living Hall, Stand A51 | Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Kindred Crafts

at ambiente

Messe Frankfurt, Germany
10-14 February 2017

The Soul of the Philippines lies in the art of its craftsmen. Sturdy hands of old weave a colorful tapestry of narratives to consciously and conscientiously crafted products. The result: a delightful fusion of nature and artisanship with heightened sense of association — a kindred sense among the makers, the products and their robust material roots.

In a splendid showcase of Philippine Craftsmanship, Lifestyle Philippines in Ambiente will evoke this trademark culture of artisanship, in tenderly carved fruit wood, hand-hewn island stones, and hand-loomed organic fabrics, in exceptional objects artfully crafted to their essential function and form.